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The Европската рулет is one of the most fancied games in any casino, everyone likes to try their luck and hand at it but sometimes it is just not easy for most people to go to a casino and try their luck, for those Moobile Games have come up with a novel solution. They have set up an option of playing your favourite game now on your mobile!

Европската рулет

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Moobile Games has provided users with the option to play their Roulette game on either their android or iOS Device (iPad/iPhone).

Start Off With a Bonus!

Instead of trying out the game with your own money, you can start off with a free £5 bonus which Moobile Games provide free for all its registered users. That is right, you can check out the game yourself without having to put in any money of your own to check your bet on the Roulette wheel.

Европската рулет

There are other bonuses which you do get when you register yourself with Moobile Games. These pay offs differ from time and time and random bonuses are provided to users, which is a good freebie which everyone likes.

Европската рулет

Register Using Cards or PayPal

You can credit your account via any major credit or debit card or you can even use other options like Paypal or Ukash account or even your BT bill, just depends on which option you find most easy to use.

Payment from the website is pretty fast as well, it takes normally 2 to 3 days for the payment to be processed into your account or the cheque being processed in your name.

Европската рулет

Moobile Games and its Features

There are some great features available from Moobile Games as well, apart from the great Roulette game they have to offer

  • Variety of games: They have around 17 different games for players to try apart from the Европската рулет wheel

  • Winners page: There is a page on the Moobile Games website which is updated on a real time basis showing winners who have won real money for which game and from where in the UK, this is a really great part from Moobile Games showing their winners

Европската рулет

  • Bonus gifts: There are quite a few bonus gifts (money credited into your account) from Moobile Games which can be checked up constantly

  • Free start off : You do not have to pay to start playing, Moobile Games gives you £5 to start playing and you don’t have to pay from your own pocket, all you need to do is register.

Европската рулет
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